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About us

We’re a leadership communications company that specialises in spoken-word situations.

For more than a decade, we’ve been successfully developing authentic and influential leaders across the globe. We’ve turned terrified presenters into powerful speakers, we've helped emerging talent to find their voice, we’ve developed CEOs and senior executives to become inspiring communicators and we’ve supported high-profile leaders to speak on global stages like TEDx and Davos.

Becoming a more influential leader doesn't mean hogging airtime or pretending to be someone you’re not. We teach leaders to be themselves, to communicate with humanity and empathy, to champion other voices and welcome new ideas and innovation.

Using our 'scare-the-bejusus-out-of-you' techniques (a friendly shove out of your comfort zone), we develop each individual's personal leadership qualities, equipping them with the confidence and skills to connect, influence and inspire through their communications.

If that’s the kind of leader you’d like to be, or would want to follow, then we’d love to show you how we work.

Our approach

An intro to Ginger

Our founder and history

Ginger’s founder, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, is a leadership communications expert, TEDx speaker, award-winning social entrepreneur and coach, and author of the best-selling book ‘How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking’ (Pearson).

Sarah has successfully taught thousands of leaders across the globe to be powerful communicators and she created Ginger to reach thousands more.

Our ground-breaking courses are about developing a different kind of leadership communications. Instead of weighing people down with rules on what they should and shouldn’t say and do, we show people how to find their unique flavour of leadership, to bring out their ideas for change and turn up the dial on their voice and visibility. We’re creating a movement of ‘human’ leaders who inspire from the inside out.

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, Founder – Ginger Leadership Communications

Our Values


Embracing our uniqueness, being real, acting with integrity and speaking like a human.


Leading in service of others, nurturing each other’s strengths, and sharing wisdom and experience.


Being fearless and daring to say what needs to be said to inspire change.


Using creativity, humour and a touch of mischief to make things memorable and interesting.

Part of the WeConnect network

Ginger is proud to be a WEConnect International certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE). It means we're part of a global initiative that supports and promotes women owned businesses.

WEConnect International

A ‘Simply Brilliant’ provider

We’re a hand-picked Simply Brilliant provider, an innovative online platform that takes the hard work out of finding brilliant Learning and Development providers.

Simply Brilliant
How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking

"How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking"

The top rated public speaking book on Amazon and a must-have for nervous and improving speakers alike.

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Cindy Hoots
Global Vice President, IT

I would highly recommend the Ginger team if you are looking to elevate your own impact.

Cindy Hoots
Global Vice President, IT
Amy Mander
Presence and Impact course participant

Such a rewarding experience that I think will benefit me for the rest of my life in all areas, not just professionally!

Amy Mander
Presence and Impact course participant