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About us

Ginger is a global, award-winning leadership communications company. For more than a decade, we’ve been successfully developing authentic and influential leaders across the globe.

Ginger’s founder, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, is a leadership communications expert, TEDx speaker, award-winning social entrepreneur and coach, and author of the best-selling book ‘How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking’ (Pearson).

All of Ginger’s talented trainers are qualified coaches who are passionate about achieving transformative results for the individuals, teams and companies we work with. From ex-journalists and marketing experts to corporate leaders and renowned academics, our team brings diverse experience to help unlock your unique strengths and elevate your leadership impact.

What it means to be ‘Gingered’

Ginger’s bold and spicy approach turns dry, theory-laden training on its head. Many people describe the experience as being ‘Gingered’ – with far-reaching results and positive impact on their entire professional career.

  • We take participants on a journey that transforms confidence and impact
  • We celebrate and champion personal strengths and talents, working with leaders to unlock their unique brilliance
  • We help people express what they care about, boosting diversity of voices in organisations and across industries
  • We amplify presence and impact, using storytelling to build connections and strengthen relationships
  • We equip leaders with the courage to act rather than waiting to feel ‘100% ready’
  • We help people connect to their values and articulate an inspiring vision for change
  • We encourage a mindset of ‘servant leadership’, helping leaders to articulate their ideas so they make a greater impact at work and in society... and then galvanise others to do the same
  • We put impersonal, robotic, corporate mumbo-jumbo where it belongs…and give it a good flush afterwards!
Meet the Ginger trainers

Our Values


Embracing our uniqueness, being real, acting with integrity and speaking like a human.


Leading in service of others, nurturing each other’s strengths, and sharing wisdom and experience.


Being fearless and daring to say what needs to be said to inspire change.


Using creativity, humour and a touch of mischief to make things memorable and interesting.


Cindy Hoots
Global Vice President, IT

I would highly recommend the Ginger team if you are looking to elevate your own impact.

Cindy Hoots
Global Vice President, IT
Amy Mander

Such a rewarding experience that I think will benefit me for the rest of my life in all areas, not just professionally!

Amy Mander

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