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Nourishing Speeches: A selection of Ginger inspiring speeches

Inspiring Speaker

There is nothing more touching and powerful than one human being sharing their hopes and fears with another. Yet when we think about doing that on stage, to an audience, our tenderness and humanity can disappear in a flash.

Here are a selection of our Inspiring Speakers Programme graduates who dug deep into their hearts to build a speech that touches and inspires. And most amazing of all - they're all beginners.

The nourishing speeches on this playlist are:

“Dancing to the beat of your heart”: Irina Shigidina

Irina shows her poetic gift in this affirming and sensual exploration of the difference between childlike freedom and adult constraint.

"Firestarter: how to share your sparkle ": Liz Balmford

Singer and coach Liz Balmford definitely brings a unique 'spark' to this talk in an affirming and powerful call to get out there and do what we've always dreamed of.

"A Stroke of Love": Susie Shaw

In probably one of the best talk opening sections I've ever seen, Susie sets up the premise of her talk. It's about overcoming the number 1 fear that people face - and no, it's not public speaking. Touching, beautiful and not to be missed.

"The Gift of Age"; Angie Macdonald

Dancing through Angie's life we explore the journey from Anti-apartheid protestor, to goth, to fabulous lesbian... to 'Late Mid-life Astonishment'. Touching, funny and profound, Angie shows us a new found love for age.

“The fear of going around corners”; Simon Bennett

Simon talks about turning fears on their head by heading straight for the fear. Very appropriate for someone who was utterly terrified of public speaking the first time we met. Motorbikers will love this talk.


Amazing and diverse talks, I hope you'll agree. If you'd like to end up where they are (and trust me, they didn't think they could do it until they got there), have a peek at Ginger's Inspiring Speakers Programme - we'd love to have you along.

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This showcase of inspiring female speakers is part of Ginger's work with game changing leaders.

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