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Quirky Ideas: A selection of inspiring speeches

Inspiring Speaker

Imagine this... you have 10 minutes to be fascinating, inspiring and dazzling. The audience are ready and waiting, you've completed Ginger's Inspiring Speakers Programme and now all you have left to do is to get up and speak.

Oh and by the way, be fascinating, inspiring and dazzling.

Here is a selection of our Inspiring Speakers Programme graduates who succeeded in putting across quirky ideas that blew us away. Enjoy!


The speakers are:

"Fonts: A Love Story": Sarah Hyndman

Who would think that fonts can be so fascinating and entertaining? I do after watching Sarah Hyndman's highly innovative talk that takes us from Star Wars to the sweet shop.

“Why I read: The Profound Pleasure of Literature”: Anthony Brown 

Award winning blogger of Time's Flow Stemmed and bookworm Anthony Brown gives us a unique and thought provoking insight into the importance of reading.

Learn to love the sound of languages: Klaus Dieter Rossade 

Senior lecturer in Languages at the Open University, Klaus Dieter's touching and entertaining talk reaffirms the importance of languages and offers an unusual solution to the fear that holds us back from crossing the language barrier.


“The wonderful and terrifying implications of thinking long-term”: Alex Ayad

Surrounded by cutting edge technology and research at Imperial College, Alex has been fascinated by the future of technology for longer than he can remember. This talk looks to the possibilities - and the terrors- that the future may hold.

Each of these speakers has been through Ginger's 6 months Inspiring Speakers Programme, which you can find out more about here.

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This showcase of inspiring female speakers is part of Ginger's work with game changing leaders.

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