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The Gender Say Gap – the missing piece in the Female Talent Pipeline debate. Yes, let’s encourage women into male-dominated careers, so long as they’re doing what they love. How you say your name tells me everything I need to know about your leadership Women’s problem with ‘asking’ – Tiara Syndrome and beyond. Have we lost the habit to ‘sit and think’? To have a vision…? Your holiday leadership challenge. Yup, public speaking still terrifies me. Interview with Sarah Lloyd-Hughes – the inspirational brainchild behind the Game Changer Summit Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m a Game Changer…? Game Changers Summit at House of Commons 4th May Magnetic one-liners: how to answer the question ‘so, what do you do?’ to win supporters and advocates. Anyone else uncomfortable with the tone of the gender debate? Could I be an MP? My (and other female leaders’) shitty relationship with politics. Why is it so difficult to invest in myself? Find and nurture the Public Speakers in your company Conference Speaking: Lessons from the speakers who stand out I’m smart, I achieve – so why am I not having my full impact? – 10 ways female leaders subtly undermine ourselves. The Dynamic Truth approach to feedback – how to give feedback that builds confidence rather than shatters it. When is it safe to share a controversial opinion? What are we learning from the “Google Memo”? 5 tendencies that hold female leaders back Public speaking confidence: from nervous, to panic, to In The Moment