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1-2-1 training for nervous public speakers

Feel centred and resourced in even the most challenging public speaking situations

  • Beginner / intermediate ability
  • 3 x 1-hr sessions
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1:2:1 coaching to help you feel more confident so you can get on with your talk and not worry about being ‘hijacked’ by nerves.

What do we cover?

This is for you if:

  • You over-prepare for presentations or ‘fly by the seat of your pants’. Your heart races, your knees shake and your voice quivers.
  • You dread being asked to speak at conferences, or to give a presentation, even though you’re an expert in your field.
  • You’re ok when you can prepare and rehearse but you hold back from Q&A or Conference Panels, when you must quickly process thoughts and communicate them in a clear and succinct way.

Using a combination of psychoeducation, practical tools and energy psychology, this package is tailored to your personal requirements. This work gives you a toolkit to reach into, so you no longer feel disadvantaged in speaking situations.

Your key takeaways

  • Feeling more confident, relaxed and centred in public speaking situations.
  • Fully resourced, and able to use your brain power for delivering your communication and driving your agenda.
  • More able to bring the ‘real’ you and stand behind your thought leadership and unique contribution.
  • Belief in your own potential, prompting you to take big action towards your goals.

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Interested in this course?

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