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The Leader’s Voice for Visionary Female Leaders

Transformative leadership development programme focusing on the capacity to influence & inspire change.

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Our renowned Leader’s Voice programme is specifically designed for senior female leaders who want to drive change in their company, industry and beyond.

Over 8 months, with a small, hand-picked group of top-performing women from a variety of sectors, you’ll develop the speaking skills, content, confidence and presence needed to rally change.

You’ll go on an experiential and life-changing journey together, culminating in delivering a high-impact talk at The House of Commons to a room of inspirational leaders. You’ll gain deep and lasting friendships, clarity on your vision and the impetus to step up your visibility and influence as a game-changing leader.

This is one of just a handful of opportunities to work directly with Ginger’s Founder, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, who is a well-known speaker and advocate on women’s visibility.

Places on the programme are by application only and we select participants based on their capacity to drive meaningful change around a tangible vision. To enquire about a place on the Leader’s Voice and for upcoming dates, please get in touch.

The Leader’s Voice is also available as an in-house programme in your company.

What do we cover?

Leadership self-awareness and impact

Investigating leadership impact, we begin the process of reflecting on your own intended and unintended impact and who you need to become to take the next steps in your leadership journey.

The purpose-driven leader

The importance of having a leadership vision and the opportunities that having a vision enables. We unpack a simple route map for how to look for and articulate your vision and get the cogs in motion for your own vision.


Unpacking the power of empathy, we investigate what happens when empathy is lacking, versus when leaders put themselves in the shoes of their stakeholders. We look at servant leadership, listening skills and how to build empathy when you have 101 things on your to-do list.


Focusing on articulating your vision in a compelling, shareable form so that others can become advocates for your initiatives. We investigate how great ideas are found and communicated.

Unlocking Human Brilliance

This session introduces the ‘shadow self’ of the leader, or the parts of your character that you struggle to take ownership. We investigate the problems that can arise when a leader isn’t aware of their ‘shadow’ and the opportunities that emerge when we work to transform it.

Speaking out your vision

We take a whistle-stop tour through the best practice of speech-writing. Drawing on the characteristics of TED talks, you learn how to structure and deliver a compelling short talk or communication to best represent and draw attention to your leadership vision.

Your key takeaways

  • Dramatically improved clarity of expression
  • Increased ability to influence all manner of stakeholders, even those who are your ‘nemesis’
  • Development of specific messages that draw attention to your vision
  • Greater gravitas and certainty in communication
  • Improved ability to connect to and inspire audiences of all kinds
  • Guidance through the challenges associated with rallying change
  • Practical experience of a variety of communication scenarios
  • A number of ‘rites of passage’ that cement learning into experience
  • A professionally recorded video of you speaking
  • A powerful and intimate network of senior female alumni

Interested in hosting this course?

If you’re interested in hosting this course at your company, or would like to brainstorm your requirements, please get in touch with us today.

Interested in this course?

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