Making your Ideas Stand Out

Going 'viral’ – how great ideas are identified and shared

  • Intermediate / advanced ability
  • Half day
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We take a practical look at the psychology behind what makes one message stick, whilst another is forgotten. Drawing on influences from advertising and leadership studies, you'll learn tools for boosting the memorability of your own messaging, so that you up the value you offer in meetings, presentations and talks.

In a playful workshop, we put memorability theory into practice. Taking a message you'd like to convey to clients or colleagues, you'll try out different methods for making it stand out and build the confidence to 'do something different' in your communications. Your Ginger trainer will throw you ideas and encourage you to be creative and bold with your messaging.

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Ginger offers transformative training to help leaders become courageously authentic, compelling communicators who drive change in their company, industry and beyond.

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