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Virtually Brilliant Module 2: Virtual presence & impact - building strong relationships

How to use your body, voice and mind to drive up engagement, build relationships and maximise your capacity to influence an online audience.

  • Beginner / intermediate ability
  • 1-3 hours
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This theory session focuses on using your body, voice and mind to drive up engagement, build relationships and maximise your capacity to influence an online audience. We'll investigate some common mistakes people make in terms of how they show up on screen — both visually and verbally — and how these can impact your ability to engage and build rapport in the virtual environment. We'll also explore the importance of rebalancing yourself when external triggers have an impact on you and the way that you show up virtually.

In the practical session, you’ll experience delivering a 3-5-minute presentation to a small group. Guided by your Ginger trainer, you’ll receive affirming and stretching feedback on your personal presence and impact.

Your key takeaways

  • Methods for analysing and improving your online presence, including personal expression, clarity, speed of speaking etc.
  • Easy-to-implement tools to help you maximise your virtual presence and impact
  • The knowledge of how to engage, build relationships and inspire on virtual platforms
  • Knowledge of what your online impact is and how to enhance it
  • Identifying and removing any communication blind spots (e.g. monotone expression etc.)
  • Strengthened leadership and clarity of communication
  • Improved confidence to deliver relaxed, high-impact virtual communications.

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Our virtual course completely surpassed my expectations.  We were all completely engaged and were able to learn as well as to complete practical exercises really effectively.  It just shows what can be done online.

Helen AffordHelen AffordGeneral CounselIMI PLC

The trainer gave an excellent, highly engaging hour's training session. She was clear, authoritative and friendly, and the content was practical and very useful. She is a terrific advertisement for what can be done in the sort of virtual training environment that would have most people intimidated and uncertain.

Anne GrovesAnne GrovesAnne Groves Consulting

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