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Virtually Brilliant Module 3: Structure & design - engaging a virtual group

Build clear and engaging talks, pitches and presentations for an online audience

  • Beginner / intermediate ability
  • 1-3 hours
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We guide you through the process of designing an online talk that harnesses the benefits of virtual platforms and minimises the pitfalls. We explore how to structure a compelling journey for the audience and how to keep ‘eyes on the screen’ through innovative and interactive elements.

Based on the methods taught in the theory session, you’ll prepare a pitch/ presentation / communication to deliver virtually to your group. Supported by a Ginger trainer, each participant has 10 minutes to present their structure / content and they then receive feedback and critique to help the whole group grow.

Your key takeaways

  • The knowledge of how to create high-impact virtual communications, even with limited time to prepare
  • Greater confidence in using a variety of interactive tools online
  • Enhanced clarity of purpose and direction to help drive business priorities
  • Creation of a virtual communication with an engaging structure and high-quality content
  • Personal feedback and takeaways so that you know exactly what you need to do to have a stronger impact
  • Increased engagement from your virtual session participants

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Interested in this course?

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The training was insightful and engaging which frankly all of our video calls should be - so Ginger definitely has it nailed.

Eva KiivitEva KiivitRegional Operations ManagerGreystar Europe Holdings Limited

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