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TED-Style Speaking Module 6: Bringing personality & impact to your talk

Exploring different communication styles to expand your range

  • Part of 3.5-day course
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We investigate how to bring range and contrast into your speaking style. Taking inspiration from TED speakers of different personalities, we look at four different communication styles and their emotional impact on an audience.

Back in your small groups, you strategize on how to bring more range and variety to your talk. Then you’ll practice elements of your talk or TED-style messaging using different personality styles.

Your key takeaways

  • Understanding how different communication styles influence different people
  • Knowledge of how to use different ‘flavours’ within your talk to add drama and impact
  • Finding a greater range to your communications and in turn boosting your appeal and impact
  • Challenging yourself to be bolder in service of your audience and message
  • The feeling that you’re bringing your whole self to your communications, rather than just a professional front

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