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The Art of Presenting

Craft a masterpiece presentation, talk or pitch

  • Beginner / Intermediate ability
  • Short Course
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More often than not, presentations miss the mark because they’re overly complicated and confused. And the speaker ends up either rushing through the content or spending too long getting bogged down in detail.

The result? Companies waste time and valuable opportunities on interactions that go nowhere.

This course brings together both the content and delivery of a successful presentation, helping you to up your game in a speaking scenario that’s crucial to your success. We work on messaging and structure to make your content clear and compelling, as well as your personal delivery to engage the audience and leave a lasting impact.

We encourage presenters to think of presenting as an art, rather than a science – and help you to be more natural, more compelling and more relaxed while sharing information and ideas.

What do we cover?

Presentation content – bring a real-life speaking scenario to develop and test with a Ginger expert

We unpack a simple structure for great presentations so you know how to prepare and order content in the most effective way possible. We’ll work through your chosen presentation and offer suggestions on how to make it clear and simple, and how to ensure it meets your aims. We’ll also look at how to identify the most important ideas in your content, so that you connect with your audience and leave them inspired.

Presentation delivery – enhance your impact with authority and energy

We explore the role of a presenter in ’selling’ their ideas and how you can have both authority and energy when presenting. Working on your chosen presentation, each individual will receive personal feedback and coaching, with expert advice on how to have greater impact.

Your key takeaways

  • Understanding of how to structure and prepare high-impact content quickly
  • Tangible feedback on the details of a given talk or presentation to improve impact
  • A transformed presentation that is well structured and is delivered powerfully
  • Transferrable knowledge to deliver successful future presentations, talks and pitches
  • A new team vocabulary and dynamic to help create a culture shift around speaking and presenting

Interested in hosting this course?

If you’re interested in hosting this course at your company, or would like to brainstorm your requirements, please get in touch with us today.

Interested in this course?

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