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The Leader’s Voice Module 3: Empathy

The intended and unintended impact of communications

  • Mixed ability
  • Part of a 6-8 month programme
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Unpacking the power of empathy, we investigate what happens when empathy is lacking, versus when leaders put themselves in the shoes of their stakeholders. We look at servant leadership, listening skills and how to build empathy when you have 101 things on your to-do list.

This series of three practical sessions challenges participants to take radical steps forward in their empathy, through a series of challenging communication scenarios. We carry though the subject matter of each leader's vision and seek to identify blockages in other people buying into it. In sessions 1 & 2 participants 'meet their nemesis', or have the opportunity to experience communicating with their most difficult colleague or stakeholder. A challenging and transformative encounter. Session 3 integrates the learnings and invites a discussion as to how best to flex your language and style to serve the needs of the 'nemesis' and beyond.

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The vision hunt process brought remarkable results. I've been in a space of transition with my work and emerging vision for five years and honestly, I was fed up of the rabbit holes i kept taking myself down. Focused, sharp, simple, loving and luxurious - these six weeks to get your 'sh*t together succinctly' was just what I needed.

I have been catapulted forward not only in clarity of my vision but only one month after completing, I am in full ownership of my true life purpose and how I will communicate this to ignite system change in the UK.

Kelly QuinnKelly QuinnDirectorRefreshing Agency

I was prompted and guided to really refine and define my vision into a bigger, better but more focused vision. Thank you Ginger for helping me navigate through my ego, fears and stubbornness to get to my ultimate calling.

Sheikha Intisar AlSabahSheikha Intisar AlSabahFounderPrismologie

The Vision Hunt programme helped me to reconnect with my purpose, understand the lens through which I see the world and to be more compelling in my vision.  It was great to work with and bounce ideas around the group and it left me wanting to do more.

Helen AffordHelen AffordGeneral CounselIMI Critical Engineering

A fantastically valuable process. Ginger takes you by the hand in redefining your vision and equips you to consolidate and amplify your ideas. An incredibly inspiring opportunity to work alongside like-minded game changing leaders.

Debra CharlesDebra CharlesFounder & CEONovacroft

Ginger offers transformative training to help leaders become courageously authentic, compelling communicators who drive change in their company, industry and beyond.

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