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The Leader’s Voice Module 2: The purpose-driven leader

Find and activate your vision

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The importance of having a leadership vision and the opportunities that having a vision enables. We unpack a simple route map for how to look for and articulate your vision and get the cogs in motion for your own vision.

This series of three practical sessions identifies and refines your leadership vision. The vision under development can be personal, or a facilitated team vision. We begin by focusing on key problems you feel strongly about fixing as a leader and help you to decide which problem to centre your vision around. Each participant develops a problem statement. In session two you articulate the different futures you’d like to see – from the practical (1-3 years) to the aspirational (20 -100 years). Each participant develops a vision statement. In the final session you articulate the solutions that bridge the gap between problem and vision and sketch out a route map for turning your vision into reality.

Pricing and format

We run 1 cohort per year. Please get in touch to discuss the next dates and to establish the fit of this programme to your background and needs.

The public programme is £7,900 +VAT, and we have a small handful of places for registered charities at £4,600 +VAT

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If you’re interested in hosting this course at your company, or would like to brainstorm your requirements, please get in touch with us today.

Interested in this course?

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Sarah Lloyd-Hughes’ ability to help people develop their vision, amplify the message and guide them in rallying the people and money needed to make it a reality is extraordinary. I would highly recommend Sarah and her team if you are looking to elevate your own impact.

Cindy Hoots Global Vice President, IT Unilever

The speech coaches on the Leader’s Voice programme were excellent. I feel proud of the progress I’ve made over the course of the programme in developing my storytelling and presentation skills.

Baillie Aaron Founder & CEO Spark Inside

I’ve learnt so many things, not just about public speaking, but about myself. I’ve really thought about what I want & what causes I really care about. I truly think it’s a life changing experience… & a really fun one as well. The thing I’m most proud of, was going to Speaker’s Corner in gale force winds & the pouring rain & standing on a very wobbly step ladder & actually speaking in front of hecklers for more than 20 minutes. It was great to be heckled – it helped us all strengthen our arguments because we knew what the challenges would be.

Claire Mason Founder & CEO Man Bites Dog

Sarah has been instrumental in helping me find my vision, mission and platform for bringing about the change needed for Neurodiversity. As someone who struggles with networking, Sarah’s hosted game changing dinners have enabled me to connect with so many amazing and inspirational people who have motivated and amplified me in my own aspirations. On the Leader’s Voice programme, in 8 months I went from being unsure of myself and in tears at the thought of entering the room with 7 women I had never met, to standing proudly alongside them as friends in the House of Commons, as I prepared to make my speech. Sarah, and her team, created an environment that encouraged openness, enabled vulnerability, provided strength and generated belief in what is possible. They also showed me how to craft my story and message in a way that increased the power and impact of what I was saying. My life has changed so much in the 18 months since the first game changers dinner, and things accelerated during the Leaders voice programme. Something I credit Sarah as being the catalyst that made it happen.

Helen Needham Founder/Managing Principal Me.Decoded/Capco

An amazingly well curated programme that is all about build stronger and more vocal female leadership for those wanting to create big and meaningful positive change in the world. Helped me to not only talk about my vision more openly and persuasively but also helped me focus on why I do the work I do, and in doing so gave me greater energy to deliver on my vision further and faster. All round, a great investment that I know will benefit me for years to come.

Gayathri Butler Country Director (Ethiopia) Girl Effect
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