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Virtually Brilliant Module 5: Leading effective and inclusive hybrid meetings (in-person and virtual)

Learn how to lead effective meetings for mixed groups of online and in-person participants

  • Beginner / intermediate ability
  • 1-3 hours

The shift to hybrid meetings offers new communication challenges for teams, with some people in-person and others attending virtually. It takes extra skill to manage the technology, balance the different needs of each group, and create a setting where all attendees can engage and participate. This session gives the essential skills leaders need to facilitate effective hybrid meetings and offers practical tips and suggestions on how to make the most of hybrid meetings for all participants.

You'll have the opportunity to test out a hybrid meeting with the support, guidance and feedback of a Ginger expert. Depending on your most pressing business need, we'll either set up a practice hybrid meeting, or observe a real-life one and give feedback to those leading the meeting on how they can improve. Those not involved will watch, learn and participate in giving feedback.

Your key takeaways

  • Practical tools for leading effective hybrid meetings and presentations
  • Facilitators equipped to build an inclusive and productive hybrid environment that gets the best out of participants
  • How to ensure you still have an impact if you’re joining a hybrid meeting virtually
  • Greater team awareness of the habits that make hybrid meetings work most effectively
  • Improved meeting facilitation skills
  • Improved cohesion between virtual and in-person participants

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