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Change & Visionary Leadership

Inspire change through powerful leadership

All too often, senior leaders are left frustrated by initiatives which fall flat. Brilliant ideas and concepts fall by the wayside because the message is not getting through. And companies miss out on innovative solutions because there’s no space for diverse thought leadership. So how do you go about driving innovation and rallying change?

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Ginger’s visionary leadership and change courses are for senior leaders who are ready to up their game and drive positive change in their company, industry and beyond. We take leaders on a deep and experiential journey to clarify their vision and develop the skills to inspire people to take action.

The Problem

Senior leaders are at the forefront of delivering change. But time after time, initiatives and ideas go nowhere because the message doesn’t resonate with those who need to implement it. Worse still, change is imposed upon people without strategic or empathetic leadership communication, which builds resentment and resistance.

In a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, companies need leaders who embrace and drive change to tackle critical challenges. Yet few are equipped with the leadership communication skills required to deliver true transformation.

We observe:

  • When change fails, there is almost always a lack of a clear vision 
  • No one person or team can make change happen on their own
  • Leaders lack a sense of purpose, fitting into a narrow corporate agenda which fails to inspire, especially for Millennials and beyond
  • Leaders speak ‘corporate’ rather than ‘human’ 
  • Delivery of key messaging is muddled, overly complex or fragmented
  • Many leaders are missing the gravitas and charisma required to inspire people
  • In a bid to make it happen, change is forced upon people  
  • Change is often treated as a standalone project or someone’s job title, rather than something all leaders support
  • Many stakeholders within organisations see change and disruption as a negative rather than an opportunity for innovation
  • There is no space to discuss diverse ideas and opinions 
  • Ideas are launched with a flurry of activity and excitement but with no substance or ongoing strategy to sustain them

The Results

  • A poorly communicated vision
  • Ideas which fail to ‘fly’
  • Speaking and influencing opportunities which fail to deliver lasting impact
  • Minimal change despite huge effort 
  • Confused, alienated and resistant teams, colleagues or stakeholders
  • A feeling that people are ‘on board’ in principle, but they’re not moved to change their behaviours
  • Great ideas which get ditched or missed
  • A lack of innovation and ‘group think’

The Solution

Ginger’s visionary leadership and change courses are designed to equip senior leaders and champions of change with the vision, voice and visibility to inspire change locally, nationally and globally. 

Our approach is based on our mantra Speak. Lead. Change. - because we believe Change starts with Leadership, and Leadership starts with being able to Speak with clarity and power about what you want.

Building on existing public speaking and leadership communication skills, these programmes help senior leaders to find their vision and sense of purpose, to clarify their message, and develop the language and impact to rally change around their ideas. 

This is about creating a ripple effect. So that people not only listen to what you have to say, they take action. And more than that, they talk about and become advocates for your messaging, amplifying it to others. 

We also develop leaders’ capacity to do the same for others. To encourage and nurture diverse thought leadership in their organisations, capitalising on human potential to solve challenges and drive innovation. 

Our Vision Hunt courses are designed for senior leaders who are used to delivering change but need to focus on developing and articulating a powerful personal or company vision. 

Our transformational leadership development programme – Speak. Lead. Change. is a six to eight-month experiential programme to create authentic, inspiring and influential leaders who communicate with power and have the capacity to influence change. 

Specifically designed for senior female leaders, our Leader’s Voice programme takes senior female change makers from a range of industries on a journey to rally change. 

Change & Visionary Leadership Courses

Flagship programme

The Leader’s Voice for Visionary Female Leaders

Give voice to your vision

  • Public Course / Corporate / In-house / 1-2-1 Coaching Course
  • Advanced
  • 8-month public programme
  • Included in 3 categories
    • Leadership Communications
    • Women's Leadership
    • Change & Visionary Leadership

The Leader’s Voice Vision Hunt for female leaders

The Vision Hunt is designed for senior female leaders who are skilled at making change happen, but need structured help to identify and/or articulate their personal or company vision.

  • Public Course / Corporate / In-house Course
  • Intermediate / Advanced
  • 1 Day Course
  • Included in 3 categories
    • Leadership Communications
    • Women's Leadership
    • Change & Visionary Leadership

Speak . Lead . Change - transformational leadership development programme

Develop authentic, inspiring and influential leaders who communicate with power in all situations

  • Corporate / In-house Course
  • Advanced
  • 6 to 8 months
  • Included in 4 categories
    • Leadership Communications
    • 1-2-1 Public Speaking Coaching
    • Bespoke & in-house Leadership Communications Training
    • Change & Visionary Leadership

A Client Story

Max, a CEO of a tech company, was facing the classic issues of a rapidly expanding business. With more than 200 employees, he was losing touch with his teams, and the organisations’ values and messages had become confused and diluted.

A recent staff survey which asked people to describe the company, revealed inconsistency across the board and a worrying lack of engagement with senior management.
Max approached Ginger to help develop a clear sense of purpose and vision which would engage the entire team and empower them to become advocates for the company.
Our work with Max involved a bespoke Vision Hunt process with one of our expert coaches with razor-sharp leadership communication skills – described by our client as a one-woman PR powerhouse. Over the course of a month, we worked with Max to identify his ‘why’ and what made the company different from its competitors. From this, we developed a new company vision with ambitious messaging and compelling language designed to rally change.
“Before working with Ginger, the company lacked direction and impact,” said Max. “The bigger and more successful we became, the more disconnect there was across the organisation. I knew what I wanted to say but the overall message had become chaotic and diluted. Ginger helped me to step back and reconnect with my true sense of purpose, simplifying everything to create an insightful, crisp and powerful vision, with a compelling new tagline as a result.”
Max’s speaking skills were transformed too, enriched with powerful delivery and storytelling. Our work together gave Max a springboard to re-energise engagement with his teams, leading a series of roadshows to cascade the vision throughout the organisation.
“Now everyone is crystal clear on what we stand for and it’s given the business a new lease of life”, said Max. “There’s a tangible buzz and a renewed sense of purpose and identity which is filtering through to our clients. And we’re noticing increased interest from people wanting to come and work for us.
“Ginger's process wasn’t about telling us what to say and how to say it. Ginger helped me to uncover what was there, but hidden. And to step up my own visibility to take ownership for driving change. It has had far more impact than I ever imagined.”

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