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1-2-1 Leadership Communications and Public Speaking Coaching

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We all know public speaking can be nerve-wracking, yet it’s difficult to find the time in the schedule to prepare effectively. You’re not a communications expert, so why put yourself through the stress of preparing and delivering crucial talks or presentations without support?

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Our totally bespoke 1-2-1 support helps to build confidence, strengthen talk content and build your capacity to influence and inspire.

The Problem

In amongst the busy day job, you’re invited (or told) to deliver a speech. It’s nerve-wracking, it’s critical and you don’t really know how to make a success of it.

It’s not surprising that public speaking creates huge amounts of anxiety. How should a presentation be structured? How do you make sure you look confident, rather than foolish? And what can you say that they haven’t heard before?

The truth is, most of us don’t know. So, we procrastinate. We pretend it isn’t happening. As the talk approaches, we throw bullet points at a PowerPoint (usually far too many). We panic about not having enough to say (so we prepare too much). We lose sleep. Finally, the big day comes. And then, we turn to the screen… and read.

By now, our pulse is racing, we’re talking too fast and skipping crucial bits of content. We’re awkward, embarrassed and racing for the end.

When we get through it we’re thrilled – we did it! But we don’t dare to think about what the audience just experienced….

The result of this?

  • LOTS of time and energy wasted worrying about your speaking
  • Procrastination and avoidance, followed by a burst of activity last minute
  • Over-complicated public speaking that either confuses the audience or switches them off
  • Missed opportunities to grasp people’s attention
  • The gap between thinking you’ve done a good job, versus actually doing a good job
  • The sense that you could do so much better, but no knowledge how
  • Bored audiences

The Solution

Instead of the nerves and chaos surrounding public speaking, what if you just got support? Ginger Founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes says she never does a big talk without getting help from one of the team. ‘However good you are, a coach is always better,’ she says, ‘they have the distance needed to make the right choices about your speech.’

So, we’ve got you. You just need to drop us a line and we’ll fix you up with the right coach to help you succeed. Let's talk


A Client Story

Laurence is an Investment Banker who came to Ginger to combat his public speaking anxiety. ‘In my line of work, it’s not done to say you’re nervous, so I’ve never asked for help. But when I was asked to speak at our annual conference, I realised I had two choices – quit (which I seriously considered), or get some coaching.’

Luckily, Laurence chose the latter.

Laurence took a package of 24 hours of coaching in the run up to his big talk. Working together with his coach, they agreed a process of unpicking his nervous response to speaking, building up his confidence and developing his talk.

‘My coach was incredible at listening to my needs’, Laurence said. ‘She quickly saw through my armour and helped me to get to the crux of my problem. We realised that I needed some practice challenges, so I went along to Ginger’s Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking Course and also joined a local Toastmasters group.’

As Laurence progressed, he found his confidence growing. ‘My coach helped me to appreciate what I’m good at, rather than making me pretend to be someone I’m not,’ he said. It also became apparent that Laurence was a stand-up comic in the making. ‘I never thought of myself as funny, but the more I practised speaking, the more I realised I can make people laugh. So we decided to use some of that humour in my conference talk.’

Laurence’s coach helped him to map out and write his conference talk. ‘What surprised me was that it was much easier than I thought,’ he said. ‘The tools I’ve picked up from my coach I’ve used in other situations, like client meetings. And better still, I have the theory to put together any talk in future.’

As the big conference talk approached, Laurence practised and honed his talk with his coach and then worked on stage presence. ‘It was important to me to look and sound confident,’ said Laurence, ‘so we worked a lot on my physical presence and some of my nervous habits. When I went up on stage I had breathing techniques to fall back on if I felt nervous.’

In the end, the talk was a big success. Laurence was told that his talk was a highlight of the entire event.

‘The reaction I got was mind-blowing,’ Laurence said, ‘but that’s only a small piece of the value I’ve got from my Ginger coach. She’s helped me to not only ‘get though’ something I’ve avoided my entire professional life, but to enjoy it and thrive upon it.

 I’ll certainly not be quitting my job next time I’m asked to speak. In fact, I’ve already put myself forward for two more speaking opportunities in the next three months.

It’s not an exaggeration to say this has changed my life.’

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