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Hone your public speaking with our free online resources

Public speaking can be terrifying, we get that. The nerves about making a fool of yourself; the uncertainty about how to structure a talk and the desperate desire to be good at it all mean that this can be one of the most stressful things we’re ever asked to do.

So how can you develop your skills without spending huge sums on training fees? Ginger has helped countless speakers to grow in their spoken word confidence and leadership skills, including global stage speakers, top executives and TEDx speakers. We believe that help should be available not just for wealthy or company-backed speakers, but everyone. That’s why we have a host of free online speaking courses for you.

The Problem

You’ve just been asked to prepare a piece of public speaking – and whether it’s your first time, or your fiftieth, you’re feeling nervous.

You have two choices – either run away, or suck it up and get better.

‘I chose the second option’ says Ginger Founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, ‘I used to be terrified of public speaking until my first big piece of speaking came up. It was a make or break moment and I just had to face my fear.’

Since then, Sarah and her team have helped tens of thousands of speakers to speak with more confidence – from top executives, to students with zero budget.

The problem is, that without help, we spend huge amounts of time and effort on trial & error and make a lot of mistakes, like:

  • Focusing on the wrong type of preparation, like memorising your lines
  • Poorly structured content
  • Feeling extremely nervous – and it showing to your audience
  • Wasting time Googling ‘public speaking’, rather than doing the preparation that will genuinely help you to thrive
  • Taking a long time to master public speaking
  • Focusing too much on PowerPoint and not enough on connecting with the audience
  • Not being yourself when you speak
  • Finding the process of speaking exhausting or terrifying

‘I had to learn the hard way,’ says Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, ‘which is why I’ve designed some fantastic free resources so you don’t have to go through the same difficulties as me.’

The Solution

The good news is, Ginger is here to help you along your public speaking journey.

Ginger’s free and low-cost e-learning resources are our gift to help you get started as an authentic and high-impact public speaker.

Wherever you are in the world, and however much time you have to prepare for your big talk, let us help you prepare in a way that feels natural.

Here are your options:

If you’re preparing a talk right now, we’d recommend you sign up for our 3-part TED-style speaking masterclass. It’s totally free and will introduce you to what the very finest speakers do to prepare great talks.

If you’re low on budget, but would like to go into more depth, why not get yourself a copy of Ginger Founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes’ best-selling book ‘How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking’ (Pearson).

If you’re more practically minded, our TED-Style Speaking Guidebook is a practical workbook to help you develop your talk at a low price.

And if you have more general questions about your speaking, please check out the vast resource that is our blog. Try some of our most popular articles for starters: 

Of course, our free and low-cost e-learning resources are just the starting point on a longer public speaking journey for many. We have various courses and 1-2-1 packages that can help you sharpen and develop your speaking skills.

Free Online Speaking & Training Courses

TED-Style Speaking Master Class - Part 1

Learn the art of TED-style speaking in this free master class video series from Ginger's founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes.

  • Public Course Course
  • Mixed
  • Free Video Course
  • Included in 2 categories
    • E-Learning Public Speaking Courses
    • Free Online Resources

The 10 Best Ways to Start Your Talk

Learn the best ways to start a speech from the Top 50 most viewed TED talks.

  • E-Learning Course
  • Mixed
  • Lessons from the most popular TED Talks
  • Included in 2 categories
    • E-Learning Public Speaking Courses
    • Free Online Resources

"How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking" by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes

Ginger founder, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes’ best-selling book outlines the six qualities of an inspiring speaker, qualities that we all possess. Emphasising authenticity, this book is the foundation of Ginger’s approach to developing relaxed, inspiring speakers. Buy from Amazon for only £10!

  • E-Learning Course
  • Mixed
  • Buy now for only £10
  • Included in 2 categories
    • E-Learning Public Speaking Courses
    • Free Online Resources

TED-Style Talk Guidebook

Your workbook to write a brilliant short talk

  • Public Course / E-Learning Course
  • Mixed
  • Downloadable PDF
  • Included in 3 categories
    • TED-Style Speaking
    • E-Learning Public Speaking Courses
    • Free Online Resources

A Client Story

Our free online resources have now benefitted thousands of new and experienced public speakers.

Take Candice, a student working on her first ever presentation, who told us:

The TED-Style Speaking Masterclass was brilliant! I had no idea where to start, but you’ve helped me to identify how to structure my talk and feel more natural. In the end it was much easier than I thought to do my talk. And I aced it! I got top marks and I was told my presentation was one of the best in the class. Thank you SO much for your help.”

 Or Rajeev, a consultant from Canada:

“Thank you to everyone at Ginger for the great resources. I’ve spent hours working through your blog articles and I’ve learned so much about how to speak in a way that’s natural to me. It’s giving me a lot of confidence.”

 Alexa, a business owner told us:

“I’ve been invited to do a TEDx talk and I was utterly terrified, but wanting to make the most of the opportunity. I started with your excellent free TED course, then progressed to the World Class Speaker Series. The whole thing has been just what I needed – simple, insightful and really practical. I learned how to find my ‘idea worth spreading’ – this has been incredibly helpful in my business as well as the talk. And I never knew how to structure a talk before, so this has saved me a lot of time for future talks. I did the TEDx talk this weekend and it went so well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 And Nigel from Ireland told us:

“I found you through your book ‘How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking’, then came and took advantage of all your free resources. I must say this is a marvellous resource. You seem to be starting a revolution in the way that people do public speaking. Here’s to easy, authentic and fearless public speaking!”