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Interactive virtual training

Bitesize, virtual sessions, ideal for groups of up to 50 people

Highly practical training to strengthen leadership communications at scale across teams and whole organisations

For an organisation to benefit from the ripple effect of leadership communications’ development, it means larger groups need easy access to quality training. But with busy schedules and many people working remotely, it can be hard to find time for in-person or lengthy training programmes, and online learning frequently falls flat.

This often means:

  • leaders miss out on development opportunities
  • people drop out of courses because they’re disengaged, or they can’t commit the time
  • there’s inconsistency in communication skills and impact across the organisation
  • leaders continue to deliver below-par presentations, talks and pitches
  • the business impact of training is slower to come to fruition

The Solution

Our highly interactive virtual training sessions are designed to offer live, expert training to remote teams and larger groups, focusing on powerful techniques that transform communications, with practical tools that can be implemented straight away.

High-impact communications is a power-packed 90 minutes of expert insight and simple techniques to boost communications for high-stakes speaking scenarios.

An Introduction to TED-style Speaking (120 minutes) equips leaders with the capacity to find, cultivate and share a clear and compelling message that resonates with and inspires others.

Ginger’s Interactive virtual training

Interactive virtual training

High-Impact Communications

Express yourself with confidence and clarity

  • Corporate / In-house / E-Learning
  • 120-minute Interactive Virtual Training
  • Beginner / Intermediate
  • Included in 1 category
    • Interactive virtual training
Interactive virtual training

An introduction to TED-Style Speaking

Clear, resonant and compelling communications

  • Corporate / In-house / E-Learning
  • 120-minute Interactive Virtual Training
  • Mixed
  • Included in 2 categories
    • Interactive virtual training
    • TED-Style Speaking