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Virtual Speaking & Communication Skills

High-impact speaking training for virtual teams, online meetings, presentations and pitches

Now more than ever, we need to be able to communicate effectively online. But how do you turn up the dial on your virtual impact so you engage and influence your audience, no matter where they are?

Our live and interactive communications skills training courses are delivered fully online. Whether you need to give a conference talk, speak in a virtual team meeting, lead a sales pitch online or get tailored support, we'll show you how to influence, inspire, and build rapport in any virtual speaking scenario.

The problem with virtual 

Most interactions with colleagues, clients and stakeholders have moved online. But unless you’re prepared and have the right skills in place, virtual meetings and events can quickly dampen your speaking impact.

When you introduce a screen, weird things can happen to the dynamics...

  • Participants are tempted by multiple distractions - the ‘ping’ of email notifications, the doorbell, the pile of washing etc. 99% of professionals multitask during meetings.
  • Vital eye contact and instant body language feedback is interrupted
  • The flow of communication can be one-way and stilted
  • Movement is restricted, reducing important non-verbal cues
  • Personalities, humour and charisma that usually ‘light up a room’ can fizzle out on screen
  • People can suddenly feel exposed without their ‘wing men or women’ in the room
  • A lack of feedback results in awkward silences or people rushing to fill gaps with waffle
  • Poorly communicated messages are more difficult to clarify and important information can be lost
  • Technology blips lead to frustration and time wasted

The stakes are high, as virtual communication will remain key to business resilience and success for the long-term. 

The result of this?

  • Overly long meetings or presentations that make your audience tune out
  • A lack of need to interact so participants are disengaged and forget what you’ve said
  • Jumbled and disorganised messaging structures that leave the audience confused  
  • Poor leadership leaving call participants confused and frustrated
  • Meeting participants who are less confident about speaking up online go unheard, leading to a lack of diverse voices and one-dimensional decision making
  • Meetings that become tick-box exercises rather than useful and progressive
  • Speaking, sales and influencing opportunities wasted
  • Drops in efficiency, productivity and team cohesion
  • Time wasted

The Solution

We help you master virtual communications so you inspire your teams, influence decisions and grow your business. 

We work directly with you and your company to adapt to a different communications landscape and unlock the benefits of being digitally connected.

Crucially, Ginger’s approach is not like your traditional hands-off e-learning experience. Our live and interactive training with our award-winning team takes participants through our unique learn, practice and perfect process, with expert, individualised feedback that drives up confidence and impact.

Our Virtually Brilliant programme has three core modules to develop inspiring virtual communicators, focusing on the essentials of communicating online, how to develop connection and build relationships with a virtual audience, and how to create engaging talks, pitches and presentations that influence others in the virtual world. 

The skills you learn in our Amplify and Storytelling Mastery programmes, and our short courses on presenting, are transferable to any speaking scenario, whether it's in person or online.