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Learn the secrets of world class public speaking

If you believe the hype, public speaking is a fate worse than death. Countless online public speaking ‘experts’ (with little or no experience of developing people) are happy to prey on our fears and sell, sell, sell us expensive online courses that teach the ‘seven steps to killer keynotes’, or similar, via ‘’.

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So much online training is ego driven, expensive and low quality. What we’ve learned at Ginger is that copying a blueprint of someone else’s ‘tried and tested’ style doesn’t work. Public speaking success comes in a variety of different forms – and the very best person to speak like, is yourself, not anyone else. Ginger’s e-learning courses teach you how to be an authentic, confident speaker and to develop speech content that you can’t wait to deliver.

The Problem

You’ve been asked to do an important piece of public speaking and need support, now. What do you do? Google it. You find a heap of experts telling you how to do it:

 ‘Ten quick tips for turbo charging your public speaking’

‘How to ace your speaking gig in seven easy steps’

‘Kill your public speaking fear, NOW’

Sound familiar?

The problem with most approaches to public speaking is that they’re telling you stuff you already know. You know you should practise your content. You know you should try and calm down your nerves. You know you should try and tell stories, to say something interesting, to make your audience laugh.

You know WHAT to do.

But you’re missing HOW to do it.

And you’re missing how to do it in a way that feels NATURAL for you.


 The Result?

  • You’re flying blind – preparing a talk, but not feeling sure if you’re preparing in the right way
  • Stress, nerves, sleepless nights
  • Loads of anxiety and second-guessing yourself
  • Creating a talk that might sink or swim – you won’t know until the big moment
  • Feeling inadequate, like you’re the only one who doesn’t know what you’re doing
  • Copying a speaking ‘guru’, then feeling like a fake
  • Time wasted procrastinating, worrying and drafting sub-standard talk content
  • The sense that public speaking is awkward, difficult and simply not for you

The Solution

The good news is, public speaking doesn’t have to be unpleasant or difficult.

Wherever you are in the world, and however much time you have to prepare for your big talk, our e-learning courses are designed to get you ready in a way that feels natural.

Instead of being uncertain and nervous, why not treat yourself to our e-learning material, or take some 1-2-1 e-learning time with one of the Ginger specialist training team?

Here are your options:

Our World Class Speaker Series from Ginger’s Founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, author of How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking (Pearson) is available to any e-learners who want to dive deep into the theory of the mechanics of great speech writing. Taking inspiration from some of the greatest talks of our times including TED talks, we’ll guide you through the process of developing your own talk.

If you’d prefer to dip your toe in the Ginger waters, our TED-Style Guidebook unpicks the hidden structure that shapes most great public speaking and helps you to develop a fantastic, personal talk of your own.

For those who’d like a more personal e-learning service, our 1-2-1 packages are available across the world via online Skype or Zoom conversations.

We offer 1-2-1 packages including the ‘tackle public speaking nerves’ package for nervous speakers and speakers doing their first talks. You’ll dig up the roots of your anxiety and find some personalised strategies for growing your confidence.

If you have a conference talk coming up, look to our 1-2-1 Conference Speaker package, where you can shape up the details of your talk and make it more compelling, inspired by the TED philosophy of public speaking.

For busy leaders who want to develop their vision, voice and visibility, plus the techniques of public speaking, our 1-2-1 Leadership Communications coaching helps you to develop, whatever time zone you’re operating from today.

E-Learning Public Speaking & Training Courses

TED-Style Speaking Master Class - Part 1

Learn the art of TED-style speaking in this free master class video series from Ginger's founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes.

  • Public Course Course
  • Mixed
  • Free Video Course
  • Included in 2 categories
    • E-Learning Public Speaking Courses
    • Free Online Resources

The 10 Best Ways to Start Your Talk

Learn the best ways to start a speech from the Top 50 most viewed TED talks.

  • E-Learning Course
  • Mixed
  • Lessons from the most popular TED Talks
  • Included in 2 categories
    • E-Learning Public Speaking Courses
    • Free Online Resources

"How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking" by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes

Ginger founder, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes’ best-selling book outlines the six qualities of an inspiring speaker, qualities that we all possess. Emphasising authenticity, this book is the foundation of Ginger’s approach to developing relaxed, inspiring speakers. Buy from Amazon for only £10!

  • E-Learning Course
  • Mixed
  • Buy now for only £10
  • Included in 2 categories
    • E-Learning Public Speaking Courses
    • Free Online Resources

TED-Style Talk Guidebook

Your workbook to write a brilliant short talk

  • Public Course / E-Learning Course
  • Mixed
  • Downloadable PDF
  • Included in 3 categories
    • TED-Style Speaking
    • E-Learning Public Speaking Courses
    • Free Online Resources

The World Class Speaker Series

The complete online guide to how to write a killer keynote.

  • Public Course / E-Learning Course
  • Mixed
  • 10 Part Video Series
  • Included in 3 categories
    • Talk Writing
    • TED-Style Speaking
    • E-Learning Public Speaking Courses

A Client Story

Alejandro is a global Sales Director with a busy international schedule. No stranger to small scale public speaking, he was approaching a new phase in his career where he would need to ‘roadshow’ a new corporate strategy and create connection and buy-in within his different teams.

‘I suddenly realised I had no formal public speaking training, nor enough time to take a course,’ said Alejandro, ‘yet it was clear to me I was going to be under huge pressure to speak publicly very soon.’

Alejandro looked for help across the internet, but struggled to find an approach that resonated. ‘There was a lot of online content for people who wanted to get paid for speaking and there were a lot of big internet characters who had loads of swagger, but not much substance,’  he said. ‘What I wanted was an approach that felt more down-to-earth, but was able to give me the theory behind great communications.’

Alejandro started his journey by purchasing Ginger’s World Class Speaker Series, where he learned the hidden structure that is shared by great speeches, stories and movies.

‘The theory was a revelation,’  he said, ‘I started to unpick everything my colleagues were doing in their speaking and I could see why they succeeded or failed. More importantly, I started to understand what I need to do to make my own talks successful.’

After working through the e-learning modules, Alejandro wrote his first talks using the methods he learned. ‘It was surprisingly easy,’ he said, ‘but I wanted personal feedback, so I took a package of 1-2-1 hours to polish my talk.’

Working over a month (and various time zones!), Alejandro and his specialist coach sharpened the talk content and worked on his delivery style, so that he could sell his ideas with gravitas and charisma.

‘Taking the e-learning route worked out really well for my busy schedule,’ Alejandro said, ‘and it was surprisingly cost effective as my coaching time was polishing my content. The best thing was the result – my global team raved about our roadshow and my talks re-energised our salesforce. I’ve been asked to take the talk onwards to our global summit.’

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