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Presence and Impact Training Courses

Build your team’s professional impact

We all know leaders who have ‘presence and impact’. They seem to effortlessly connect with others, influence them and use their interpersonal skills to achieve their goals. So how do they do it? And what can you learn about your own presence and impact?

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Ginger decodes the art of having presence and impact with our series of experiential and lively training courses. We’ll show you what your personal impact is when you stand up to speak and how to take charge of that impact so that you can influence and inspire teammates and clients alike.

The Problem

65% of professionals don’t receive enough feedback. And in our experience, the feedback that is given within most workplaces isn’t all that useful. We are rarely told about our impact or the way others perceive us. As such, we navigate our careers lacking in certainty about what others think of us and precisely where we add value.

We don’t know our strengths, we don’t know our weaknesses, and so we can’t work on either of them.

The result of this?

  • Anxiety about our professional profile
  • Struggling with spoken word situations, like meetings and presentations
  • Low ability to influence others
  • Reduced self-confidence
  • Missed opportunities for visibility within our career or industry

The Solution

Ginger’s presence and impact trainings help professionals to understand their personal impact and to boost their communication skills, their reputation and their capacity to influence.

Offering one-day or two-day courses and longer programmes, we take small groups through the process of speaking in public, receiving affirming feedback and challenging themselves to grow. We help professionals to understand, and own, their strengths so that they build confidence in their particular personal brand.

Our Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking course, builds the basic toolkit of an aware and capable communicator, looking at the impact of body language, nerves and vocal delivery on your personal presence and reputation.

The Finding your Voice course builds the confidence to express diverse and authentic opinions within a team or client environment.  

Our two-day Personal Brand course helps leaders and team members to take their impact up a notch, working in more depth on their unique personal style and their professional perspective or thought leadership. Here we work towards a short-format video interview that can be used on social media to actively build the personal brand.

Our Assertive Communications course is aimed at those who would like more impact in negotiations and difficult conversations. This course helps participants to develop gravitas and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

And for those who would like to boost their presence and impact for a particular talk that’s coming up, a Presentation Laboratory is a completely tailored practice day, where you’ll receive detailed feedback from one of our experts as a small group or as an individual to test out your material.

A Client Story

Catie, partner in a law firm, was terrified of public speaking when she first participated in a Ginger presence & impact course. Great with 1-2-1 conversations, she would feel flustered and uncomfortable in groups of three or more. She reported finding that her status would drop, she’d speak too quickly, and she would describe her presence as ‘timid and underwhelming’.

This would lead to her avoiding giving presentations (favouring the ‘pass it on to my junior’ approach) and being ‘mysteriously unavailable’ if asked to talk at a conference. Like so many of us, Catie had serious blind spots when she stepped up to speak; she’d find herself in autopilot, feeling like she was waffling.

Embarrassing. Stressful. And exhausting. This, Catie told us through gritted teeth, had to stop.

The first thing we did with Catie and her fellow course participants was to build up her self-confidence. Over a series of one-day and half-day workshops, Catie participated in practical activities to shine a light on her blind spots. Using simple theoretical frameworks, we unpicked her personal impact and showed her how 70% of what she’s doing was already working effectively.

The final 30% would come through practice, affirmation and skillful ‘pointing out’ of Catie’s natural tendencies by the Ginger team and fellow course participants. By focusing on strengths, rather than picking at weaknesses, Catie was able to build confidence in her own presence and impact. Catie’s communication skills soon developed and by the end of the process she was a completely different communicator – charismatic, funny, spontaneous and bursting with confidence.

The difference that Ginger made? Catie describes it best: ‘The Ginger experience was like a burst of love and affirmation every time I stepped in. The trainers are so positive about your abilities that you can’t help but feel it yourself. Every day I invested in the training I came out feeling bigger, taller, bolder.’

And the benefits didn’t stop there. Since starting her presence & impact training, Catie has actively said ‘yes’ to every speaking opportunity she’s offered. The process of speaking takes considerably less time and stress and she is noticeably more visible within the firm.


Another highly nervous public speaker, Mike admitted to avoiding public speaking throughout his professional life. He felt he didnʼt have the skill, or charisma to connect to an audience. As a result of completing Gingerʼs six-month Inspiring Speakers Programme, he won an award for ʻmost improved speakerʼ and discovered that his natural humour and intelligence can strongly engage an audience. Mike was later invited to deliver a speech at his company conference. He accepted the offer and even professed to enjoying the spotlight.

Mike DoidgeHead of Technical Claims, Hastings Direct Ltd

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