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Storytelling for business

How to engage, inspire and influence your audience

Tap into the most effective communication techniques and bring your business communications to life through the power of storytelling

We're bombarded with information and messages every day, so unless you really connect with your audience, it's easy to get lost amongst the noise. So how do you capture people's attention, stand out and inspire people to take action?

The Problem

The default position for talks, presentations and pitches is to stand up in front of a set of slides and bore everyone to death. We're used to enduring these kinds of interactions and once they're over, they're quickly forgotten.  

It's a crying shame because important information and ideas get lost, companies lose out on sales, and innovation is held back – all because people fail to really move their audience. 

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools we can use to transform our communications. But when it comes to business situations, many people struggle to know how to use stories effectively. In a bid to sound credible and impressive, people slip into ‘corporate speak’ or rely on presenting technical information and data instead. 

There are heaps of storytelling models which show you how to be a great orator or movie director, but they're often elaborate and overly complex and they don't quite fit the day-to-day reality of business scenarios. 

The result of this?

  • Messages fall flat
  • Audiences switch off
  • Sales opportunities get missed
  • Talks are quickly forgotten
  • Innovation is held back
  • Nobody feels moved to take action

The Solution

Ginger’s storytelling courses transform business communications so you connect with audiences of all kinds, no matter whether you're in a team meeting, delivering a talk or leading a sales pitch.

We simplify storytelling techniques specifically for business purposes, helping you to identify a powerful message, showing you how to use a structure that takes people with you and minimises the need for notes, and supporting you to deliver your communication with purpose and charisma. 

Through Ginger, we teach you how to translate data or technical information into a compelling story. We equip sales teams with the skills to use stories effortlessly in high-pressure situations. We help leaders to bring meaning to complex ideas and corporate strategy. We arm you with the capacity to inspire and influence your audience, helping you stand out from the competition. 

Storytelling is at the heart of all of Ginger's training programmes but our Storytelling Mastery programme is a game-changer for teams that need to cut through the noise and learn how to turn information and data into a compelling, authentic message. 

Our Amplify programme embeds storytelling techniques into powerful short talks and you'll learn how to bring your personal vision to life through storytelling in our Purpose-driven Leader and Leader's Voice programmes. 


Public course

The Leader’s Voice for Visionary Female Leaders

Transformative leadership development programme focusing on the capacity to influence & inspire change.

  • Advanced
  • Multi-day programme
  • Included in 3 categories
    • TED-Style Speaking
    • Storytelling for Business
    • Women's Leadership

"If someone had told me I'd be standing up in front of 300 people telling a story that is meant to inspire action and evoke emotion, I would have run a mile. Having been through the Ginger training I not only feel confident doing this, I feel more powerful.”

Emily Hamilton, Grosvenor