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TED-style Speaking Presentations Skills and Training Courses

Harness the power of TED-style talks for business impact

TED talks have shifted the dial in the way that we communicate. They’ve inspired a new generation of short, high impact conference talks. So, what can business people learn from TED talks?

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Ginger takes inspiration from the finest TED talks and unpacks their power in our experiential and lively training programmes. We’ll help you to develop your ‘idea worth spreading’, write a great short talk and deliver it with passion and personality. You’ll learn both how to write a TED-style talk and learn speaking skills that can be transferred to all spoken word scenarios.

The Problem

Conference talks and other TED-style presentations are incredible opportunities to showcase thought leadership and professional expertise. Yet, few of us invest the time or headspace required to make our conference talks truly resonate.

Instead, a majority of conference talks are:

  • Lacking in focus
  • Too long
  • Less engaging and inspiring than they could be
  • Laden with complex and technical information, versus storytelling or other engaging devices
  • Lacking in connection to a broader communication strategy
  • High effort and low reward to create and deliver

The result of this?

  • Talks which are easily forgettable 
  • Lack of engagement with audiences, clients and stakeholders
  • Confusion with no clear call to action
  • Wasted time and resources
  • Missed opportunities to develop a strong public profile

The Solution

Ginger brings the learning from the finest TED talks into our training approach across a range of our short courses and transformational programmes, helping participants to develop truly compelling short talks that influence and inspire.

Our TED-inspired Amplify programme is a shining beacon in the world of public speaking training. This experiential training turns dull presenting on its head and equips leaders with the skills to emotionally connect with an audience and move them into taking action. 

We guide participants through a process of designing, honing and delivering a talk that will build their visibility and profile. As we’re working on one specific talk, we’re also developing skills that can be transferred to all manner of communication scenarios, from pitches to team pep talks.

The principles of TED-style speaking underpin our Storytelling Mastery and Purpose-driven Leader programmes and are an essential ingredient in our public Leader's Voice programme. 

TED-style Speaking Presentations Skills Courses

Public course

The Leader’s Voice for Visionary Female Leaders

Transformative leadership development programme focusing on the capacity to influence & inspire change.

  • Advanced
  • Multi-day programme
  • Included in 3 categories
    • TED-Style Speaking
    • Storytelling for Business
    • Women's Leadership

A Client Story

Lauren, a charity spokesperson was a seasoned speaker when she participated in Ginger’s TED-style speaker training. Despite her experience levels, speaking still filled her with nerves and she suffered from Impostor Syndrome; who would want to hear anything she had to say?

As such, she tended to fill her talks with lots of complex data and dry information to ‘prove' her legitimacy. Often, she worried she was confusing, or boring her audience. What she wanted was the courage to become an inspirational spokesperson for her industry and the important and innovative work of her charity.

She felt that speaking could be easier and more effective and hoped Ginger’s methods could help.

Over the course of our full-length TED-style speaking programme, Lauren developed her thought leadership into a compelling and unusual ‘idea worth spreading’.

Lauren revelled in the process, which she said ‘challenged me to be much bolder in my thinking. I cut more than half of my typical content (the old boring stuff) and worked hard to find the content that people are actually interested in.

She now has a keynote talk that she feels represents her expertise in a way that feels natural. ‘It was important for me to do this in my own style, rather than trying to be a motivational speaker. That would have felt awful. Now I know (yes, I’m going to say it!) that I can tell a great story, and genuinely move people. I’m enjoying myself – and I can see my audiences resonating much more. This is an absolute game changer for me in the work I do.’

Lauren also found the methods we taught her to be extremely helpful. ‘I’ve applied these principles to all of my speaking opportunities, large or small. It starts with figuring out what I want to communicate. I can quickly map a talk out on a taxi journey – it’s incredible!'

And best of all, since doing Ginger’s TED-style speaking training, she’s been invited to deliver an actual TEDx talk. ‘Something that would never have happened without Ginger’s support and encouragement’, she says.


Yang-May first worked with Ginger a year and a half before this speech to develop her confidence and stage presence. We then developed her delivery and content for this TED talk. We particularly worked on the themes running through the talk, ensuring clarity and impact. During our work together Yang-May improved vastly in her confidence, and particularly in her capacity to connect emotionally with her audience. This speech was selected to be the closing speech at a TEDx conference and was received as a highlight of the day.

Yang-May Ooi, Author - TEDx Talk

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