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Vision, Voice & Visibility for female leaders

If you, like so many companies, have decided to put in place positive steps to tackle your gender gap, we’d propose it’s not the Gender Pay Gap, but the Gender Say Gap that needs attention. Ginger’s Women’s Leadership Communications courses provide the support and training women need to become more visible, vocal and visionary leaders in all manner of speaking and influencing situations.

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A recent study by KPMG found that most women are socialised as children to be nice to others (86%), to be good students (86%) and to be helpful (77%) but comparatively few are socialised to be leaders (44%), or to express their opinions (34%).

The Problem

Our clients observe that from the earliest moments of their careers, women de-voice themselves and devalue their achievements in comparison to male counterparts. These early behaviours have lasting consequences for women’s careers and the gender balance at senior levels.

This means that women are less visible than their male counterparts in most organisations.

What we observe:

  • Our female clients consider themselves to be excellent operationally, but poor at selling themselves: About 2/3 of the women we work with have experienced male colleagues taking credit for their work.
  • Women are much less likely to recommend themselves as experts versus their male peers, irrespective of their actual levels of experience.
  • When communicating, women are more likely to over-prepare and focus on building their legitimacy through data and evidence, rather than assuming they already have legitimacy.
  • Women find it very difficult to ask for help or for opportunities, and tend to wait for someone else to offer.
  • Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism are still rife within female populations, meaning that many women simply avoid speaking up in public.

The result of this?

  • Fewer women are given the experience and sponsorship that allows them to reach more senior positions.
  • A Catch-22 – if there are fewer female role models within senior levels, then aspiring female leaders will opt out of career progression opportunities as you can’t be what you can’t see.
  • Opportunities missed for profiling the ideas and successes of female leaders.
  • Opportunities missed for showcasing your organisation as forward-thinking and gender balanced.
  • Opportunities missed for genuinely diverse thinking – if your female voices aren’t heard at meetings, neither are their perspectives.
  • Insufficient support for the confidence needs of female leaders.
  • If neglected, women are less likely to ask their company to change, but will instead leave to seek new opportunities.

The Solution

Ginger’s Women’s Leadership Communications programmes are designed to tackle the Gender Say Gap and help women to be more visible, vocal and visionary. 

We combine public speaking training, leadership skills and personal development to offer transformative experiences that build the confidence, impact and visibility of female leaders.

Our highly regarded public programme, The Leader’s Voice, is an eight-month experience for female leaders that takes just a handful of senior female change makers from a range of industries on a journey to rally change. This highly selective, prestigious process ends in showcasing our graduates at Ginger’s Game Changers Women’s Leadership Summit at the House of Commons – an event open to game-changing female leaders. You can see some of our graduates of this process on Ginger’s Wall of Women.

The Leader’s Voice is available as an in-house programme and can be tailored to meet your company's needs. 

For senior women who are already making waves and want to plug into a community of like-minded women from all manner of industries and backgrounds, our not-for-profit Game Changers Women's Leadership Network is here to support.

If you have bespoke needs or would like ongoing support, we also offer 1-2-1 coaching that can be totally tailored to you.

Women’s Leadership Courses

Public course

The Leader’s Voice for Visionary Female Leaders

Transformative leadership development programme focusing on the capacity to influence & inspire change.

  • Advanced
  • Multi-day programme
  • Included in 3 categories
    • TED-Style Speaking
    • Storytelling for Business
    • Women's Leadership

Game Changers Women's Leadership Summit

  • Advanced
  • Included in 1 categories
    • Women's Leadership

Game Changers Women's Leadership Network

  • Advanced
  • Included in 1 categories
    • Women's Leadership

Keynote Conference Speech with Sarah Lloyd-Hughes

  • Variable Length
  • Included in 2 categories
    • Leadership Communications
    • Women's Leadership

A Client Story

Angela was a senior manager stuck in a rut when we she first encountered our work. Whilst she was recognised as a high achiever, she had been overlooked for promotion multiple times and felt that she was being side-lined for the best opportunities.

‘I felt I was playing by the rules, but just not getting anywhere’, she told us. ‘People would tell me things like, ‘you lack gravitas,’ but they couldn’t tell me where to get it!’

Angela joined one of Ginger’s Women’s Leadership Programmes within her company, where she found a like-minded cohort of women from across the company. 

The first thing that struck me is how we were all facing the same issues,’ she said. ‘Most of us said we were scared of public speaking and yet nobody looked it. That was my first big revelation, which helped me to realise that I just had to get out there and speak and trust that I looked ok.’ 

Over the coming months, Angela committed to saying yes to any public speaking opportunities that came her way. ‘I found myself on panel discussions, doing a bit of conference speaking and even doing pieces to camera,’ said Angela, ‘things I never thought I could do suddenly became normal for me.’

The confidence she built also applied in day-to-day situations. ‘I’ve stopped being intimidated in all-male meetings. I’m actually enjoying that I’m the only woman because I get to stand out,’ she told us. ‘And I discovered that when I slow down and give myself permission to take up time to talk about the stuff I care about, I DO have gravitas.’

As the eight months progressed, Angela’s confidence and impact noticeably improved. ‘I spent most of my professional life thinking I had to hide my personality – that I’m being too loud, or pushy. It turns out that I wasn’t doing nearly enough of either. It’s been such a relief to learn that being myself is not only acceptable, but that’s what people want!’

Best of all, Angela was awarded her long-awaited promotion. ‘I definitely think that was down to the programme,’ she said, ‘I could speak with much more authority about myself, knowing that I was doing it for other women. And I took the whole thing much less seriously, which meant I relaxed.’

Angela and her whole group have created a powerful unit who will continue to learn and grow long after the programme has ended. She says ‘The support of the cohort has been incredible. I’ve found a ready-built network of colleagues and supporters that I’m going to rely on for years to come.’

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