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Public Speaking Courses in New York

Based on the work of Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, author of "How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking", Pearson (as featured in the Sunday Times) our public speaking courses in New York are described as 'powerful' and even 'life-changing'.

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We're a specialist public speaking and leadership communications skills training company on a mission to develop confident, authentic and influential communicators.

Whether it's mastering TED-style speaking, delivering a powerful keynote, sharing your corporate vision, or maximizing a sales pitch, we help transform your impact so you make the most of every speaking opportunity.

Our award-winning team of trainers and coaches works with individuals and companies across the US - from emerging leaders and CEOs, to pharmaceutical companies and global technology giants.

We're known the world over for our unique, high-impact training programs that deliver lasting and 'life-changing' results, developing leaders that drive positive change in their company, industry and beyond.

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