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Our approach

Ginger’s bold and spicy approach turns dry, theory-laden training on its head. We get participants up on their feet before they feel ‘ready’, using strengths oriented feedback to bolster confidence, enable greater personal growth and the ability to communicate in a creative way.

Many people describe the experience as being ‘Gingered’ – before they know it, they’re saying yes to speaking opportunities that would have previously given them the willies and they’re firing up their leadership impact and profile in a way that feels 100% authentic!

The journey to inspiring human brilliance

Our methods are rooted in Ginger’s ‘human brilliance blueprint’ which develops the key qualities of inspiring communicators.

  • We take participants on an adventure that transforms confidence and personal impact
  • We celebrate and champion personal strengths and talents
  • We help people settle into themselves by connecting to their values, taking personal responsibility, defining what matters to them and turning it into an inspiring vision for change
  • We encourage a mindset of ‘servant leadership’, turning attention outwards to focus on the needs of others
  • We teach leaders to be empathetic, authentic and to speak human; yet also to be bold, spicy, and memorable
  • We put impersonal, robotic, corporate mumbo-jumbo where it belongs…and give it a good flush afterwards!

It’s then that leaders step into their zone of brilliance, where they shine their brightest light, deliver outstanding results and enable others to do the same. They inspire human brilliance.