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14 September FREE webinar: Authentic Charisma

Unveil what makes you magnetic and inspiring

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About this webinar

In this 1-hour interactive webinar we'll focus on the habits of high-impact leaders and how to find your authentic way of charismatically leading and connecting with others. You'll learn the presence, mindset and communication tendencies of charismatic leaders and reflect on how you can use charisma to benefit your leadership and business aims. We'll explore a playful way to experiment with your current range and then how to stretch into your next level.

Find ways to tap into your personal passions as an instrument for unveiling what makes you magnetic and inspiring. Invest 1-hour and boost the impact of your communication style.

You'll gain:

• Awareness of what your own version of charisma looks like
• Encouragement to be bolder in your leadership impact
• Transformed confidence to lead with energy and charisma
• Practical takeaways on how to build your own authentic charisma

Who's leading the webinar?

Our expert trainer, Nicky Moran, has helped hundreds of leaders to develop their ability to inspire and influence others, working with TEDx speakers, senior executives, and professionals from the creative industries, such as journalists and musicians. Her enthusiastic approach will stretch delegates’ potential and leave them prepped and ready for action. Nicky is as comfortable in a creative small business environment as she is working with senior executives preparing for a conference keynote.



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