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Join a 'Virtually Brilliant' FREE Webinar: power up your online meetings & presentations

22 April: Virtual Presence and Impact - free webinar

Find out how to inspire and motivate online audiences and remote teams, in this live and interactive webinar with leadership communications expert Liz Balmford.

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About this free webinar:

No more struggling to engage a virtual audience, uninspiring presentations and disconnected teams.

Discover the "Human Brilliance" blueprint to articulating your vision, motivating remote teams and amplifying your impact as a strong, empathetic leader.

Our much-lauded Human Brilliance Blueprint has helped thousands of leaders to be courageously authentic, compelling communicators who drive change in their company, industry and beyond.

In our FREE Virtual Presence and Impact webinar, we’ll reveal how the Human Brilliance Blueprint can help you communicate with personality and authenticity… 

…so that your online audience stays focused and engaged and feels inspired to take action.

Here’s what you’re about to discover in this webinar

  • Secret #1: The Human Brilliance Blueprint

The exact framework used by leaders around the world to command attention and build an authentic connection with their audiences 

  • Secret #2: The SPICE Formula

5 key areas about how you can be intentional with your visual and verbal impact… and communicate in a way that gives you instant credibility

  • Secret #3: Rebalancing

The importance of being able to rebalance when ‘triggers’ (such as negative behaviours from the online audience) affect your virtual impact


Liz Balmford is Ginger's impact and presence expert. A fearless self-expression and confidence enthusiast, Liz is an experienced coach and public speaking trainer. Having worked in corporate and agency marketing communications, Liz provides a bridge between company leaders, their teams and their external audiences, building clarity in vocal communication of key corporate messages, from brand identity and new corporate strategies, to mission and vision statements. 


If you attend the webinar, you’ll get a free TED-style Guidebook that outlines everything you need to know to write your TED-style talk and develop world-class talks & presentations from scratch.