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2 Dec FREE webinar: Influence and impact in a hybrid world

How to influence on the issues and initiatives that matter most to you

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With so many of us facing epic workloads, back-to-back meetings and digital fatigue, it’s a wonder if we have any time for pushing new business objectives or stopping to think how we might best influence those around us.

Some key questions we’ve heard from our network recently are...

  • How can I influence people I can’t spend physical time with?
  • How to influence senior people on the stuff that matters to me and my team?
  • Now I’m used to working virtually, how do I go back to in-person meetings with the pressure of human contact (versus reading my notes out on camera)!?
  • How can I communicate a complex message in a way that engages others?
  • How to successfully pitch the business to stakeholders and clients? 

If one or more of these resonate with you, this free webinar is designed for you.

We’re inviting you to stop and take a breath for one hour to consciously think about how best to use your limited daily resources to influence on the issues and initiatives that matter most to you.

A ‘best bits’ compilation of some of our much loved bitesize sessions on virtual communications and influencing, we’ll be investigating the paradigm shift that leaders need to step into to influence and engage others in 2022.


  • How to cut through all the noise and win hearts and minds, wherever your audience is sitting.
  • How to speak to senior people as an influential equal.
  • The 3 key qualities of successful hybrid leader and their teams 
  • How you can boost your influence whilst saving time (for yourself and others - hurrah!)
  • How leaders of all levels can boost their influence and inspire human brilliance in a hybrid world
  • How you can multiply your impact and influence as a team / organisation 

About Liz Balmford

Liz Balmford is Ginger's impact and presence expert. A fearless self-expression and confidence enthusiast, Liz is an experienced coach and public speaking trainer. Having worked in corporate and agency marketing communications, Liz provides a bridge between company leaders, their teams and their external audiences, building clarity in vocal communication of key corporate messages, from brand identity and new corporate strategies, to mission and vision statements.