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28 June FREE webinar: Purpose-Driven Leadership

Leading through turbulent times and beyond

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About this webinar

Now more than ever, we seem surrounded by change and crisis. There’s more pressure on our time and our people than ever. And it’s easy for leaders to respond to fluctuating circumstances by trying to ‘control’ and ‘manage’ through processes, KPIs and more reporting. The result? Overwhelmed workforces, disengaged teams, staff retention difficulties and the sense that our best ideas aren’t being heard.

In this interactive webinar, we propose that Purpose-Driven Leadership is a solution to many of the big challenges leadership is facing

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We’ll investigate:

* Why is purpose the solution to our problems?
* What actually is purpose? - So many companies get it wrong.
* What happens in companies and other systems when purpose is lacking? How can you tell and what are the symptoms?
* What is the impact on people (including ourselves) when we light up our purpose?
* How can we build an ecosystem of purpose?
* What specific leadership behaviours and initiatives can help build purpose within your team?
* Expect to come and get involved in a lively webinar where we’ll present our latest thoughts and listen to your challenges and opportunities surrounding purpose.

We invite you to join our Purpose-Driven Leadership revolution, to help leaders, companies and the wider world align in a sense of connective, beyond-personal purpose that can tackle our biggest challenges.

Who's leading the webinar?

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is Ginger's Founder and CEO. Sarah is one of the country’s most authoritative and sought after Leadership Communications experts. An award-winning coach, TEDx conference guest speaker and author of the best-selling book, ‘How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking’ (Pearson), Sarah has worked with clients across the globe who’ve gone on to deliver speeches at Parliament, Davos, and TEDx conferences; pick up prestigious awards; publish best-selling books; and become influential game changers in their own right.



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