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4 February 2021: Speaking with Presence & Impact - 1 day training course

The essentials of body language, confidence & voice training to develop an authentic and powerful speaking style

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About this course

We know that virtual public speaking can be daunting. That's why this fun training course helps you to relax, experiment and grow so you have the skills to communicate with confidence and impact in virtual meetings, presentations and talks.

When your teams, clients and stakeholders are spread across different locations, having a strong virtual impact is crucial to keeping business on track. But more often than not, virtual interactions can become dull and robotic, muting important body language and self-expression that’s vital to human connection.

In this interactive masterclass, we focus on the personal qualities that drive up engagement, relationships and the capacity to influence an online audience. Participants receive feedback on their online presence and impact, enhancing confidence and giving them skills to centre themselves, even in high-pressure situations.


What do we cover?

* Key differences between personal impact online versus in-person.
* The tools at your disposal to have impact in any virtual setting - from the on-camera impression you make, to vocal delivery, use of silence, etc.
* How to use your personality and passions to engage others virtually.
* How to add value and authentic leadership, even when you're under pressure.


Your key takeaways

* Improved personal presence (including personal expression, clarity, speed of speaking etc.)
* Stronger ability to engage, build relationships and inspire on virtual platforms.
* Personal feedback and takeaways to ensure each team member has a strong impact.
* Improved confidence to deliver relaxed, high-impact virtual communications.



This open virtual 5-hour public speaking course is intended for beginner and intermediate level speakers. It includes minimum theory and maximum practice. There will be an hour's lunch break to prepare your presentation that you will be able to showcase and receive feedback on. Expect to be challenged, have fun and learn a lot!