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7 December 2022 Free Webinar: Storytelling for Business

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About this webinar

In this interactive webinar, we’ll investigate the science behind storytelling and equip you with the simple but profound skills needed to start finding and telling high-impact stories to support key business messages.
You’ll gain tips and tools you can start using straight away, whether it’s leading a meeting, pitching to clients or delivering a presentation.

Your takeaways:

- The importance of storytelling in a business context
- A super-simple business-friendly story structure 
- Where to find a story from your own experience
- How to ’slip in a story’ in a business context
- Best practice for beginning to bring your story to life
- A route map for business storytellers seeking to master their craft

What to expect:

You’ll experience the usual spice of a Ginger webinar; a lively, interactive session packed with practical examples and tips.

Webinar host

Jojo Thomas is an engaging Co-Active coach, an experienced writer and editor. She helps leaders to tell their stories with maximum courage and impact and has worked with speakers across the globe, from senior partners to Olympic athletes.

What our clients say about Ginger's storytelling training:

"If someone had told me I'd be standing up in front of 300 people telling a story that is meant to inspire action and evoke emotion, I would have run a mile. Having been through the Ginger training I not only feel confident doing this, I feel more powerful.”

Emily Hamilton, Grosvenor

"This training, and what I learnt from it, has and will have a huge impact on my job and future adventures in business."

Sofia Romano, Frontiers

"This was a fast-paced engaging course. The material was new to me, thought-provoking and contained approaches and techniques I could easily put into action."

Michael Theodore, ABPI

"After decades of presenting to audiences big and small, this training has challenged me to throw my PowerPoint bullets up in the air, start with a story and as a result increase my connection with the audience."

Dr Nicola Williams, NHS Wales