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29 September 2022 Public Offering: TED-style Speaking Masterclass

Revolutionize your high-impact talks and presentations

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About this Masterclass:

If you’re called to lead teams or groups of people through talks or presentations while interweaving collective business aims, we have you at the heart of this 2-hour TED-style Speaking Masterclass. 

It can be a struggle to clarify your message while also inspiring your audience to understand, engage and take action. To address this challenge, we carved this dedicated space for experienced leaders and executives to find and articulately communicate your idea worth spreading. Guiding you through the key principles of a focused and refined message so you may immediately implement and inspire. 

To best cater a successful outcome for you we have chosen to keep the number of allowed registrations at an intimate number, further expanding your personalization and impact. As a result, we highly recommend locking in your spot straight away.



This masterclass draws on TED speaking best practices and how it can revolutionize a multitude of integral business communications – from formally presenting your strategy and initiatives to pitching or securing buy-in. This is a highly interactive session, showing you how to pinpoint your TED-style ‘idea worth spreading’ while utilizing TED principles to develop a message that others buy into, remember, and spread. Amp it up even further with our injections of coaching and personalized feedback to help catapult your authentic brilliance.

You’ll learn:

• The importance of the TED methodology and how it will lift your message
• How to find your ‘idea worth spreading’
• How to build resonance and buy-in to your idea or initiative
• The mechanisms that make the best TED talks memorable
• How your own ideas can be amplified by others

In the spirit of gratitude and to further magnify your brilliance post-session, each participant will receive our very own TED-style Talk Guidebook along with a 15% reduced rate for up to two 1-hour Coaching Sessions.

Who's leading the Masterclass?

Jojo Thomas worked in the corporate legal world for ten years before training as a Co-Active coach and re-discovering her passion for speaking and performing. She is an advocate for our power to create positive change – on a micro and global level – through courageous and effective communication. She works with a wide range of clients, from senior partners to refugees, and including a gold-medal winning Olympic athlete and the best man at a royal wedding.