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29 January - Turbo Meetings Webinar

Learn how to transform virtual meetings and have twice the impact in half the time

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About this webinar

With virtual and hybrid teams here to stay, nobody wants to waste time in overly long, unfocused or energy-sapping online meetings…

But more often than not, that’s exactly what’s happening.

We’re hearing from business leaders across industries about the challenges of virtual communications and maintaining team cohesion, alongside the demands on time and energy which leaves little space for strategic thinking and innovation.

That’s why Ginger has developed a practical, grounded and easy-to-deliver Turbo Meeting format that’s specifically designed to get laser-focused in virtual meetings and free up time for other important tasks. It’s part of our world-class leadership communications training and much-lauded Virtually Brilliant programme.

In this special webinar in partnership with Simply Brilliance, we’ll show you how to run ruthlessly efficient and effective virtual meetings that have twice the impact in half the time. We’ll introduce you to your new role as 'Chief Efficiency Officer' (CEO) to drive a Turbo Meeting through clear leadership and terms of engagement. We'll include super practical tips and templates, so you leave with the tools and skills to set up and run effective Turbo Meetings straight away.


What do we cover?

* The concept of — and the case for — Turbo Meetings
* When it's appropriate to run a Turbo Meeting (and when it isn't)
* Step-by-step how to prepare your content and your participants
* The structure of a Turbo Meeting
* Who to 'be' when you're leading a Turbo Meeting 
* Bonus templates to plan and deliver ruthlessly efficient meetings

Key takeaways

* Shorter, more effective virtual meetings for all - hurrah!
* Change meeting culture & free up space to think
* Boosted energy levels, decision-making and productivity
* Clearer meeting outcomes and better results
* Greater confidence for participants driving meeting agendas
* Development of leadership skills for all playing the 'CEO' role
* Engaged participants, whatever their personality type
* Transferrable knowledge into in-person meetings

Our expert trainer, Liz Balmford, has successfully trained thousands of international leaders on how to be VIRTUALLY BRILLIANT communicators. She'll show you how to transform your impact in a way that not only benefits you as a leader but drives the motivation and results of your team and the success of your company.



Limited places available, so grab your seat quickly!