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Inspiring Speakers Programme

Awareness Podcast - Reminders from the Foundations Course

At your Foundations course we looked at habits of BODY LANGUAGE, VOCAL DELIVERY and NERVES. We asked you to get AWARENESS of each, which allows you to have CHOICE about how you engage your audience. Here's a reminder of what to be aware of - for any time you feel you need it.


After month one we're starting to develop your MESSAGE, both in terms of the 'surface level' message your audience will hear and the 'heart level' message that motivates you to inspire. And we've started to identify your SPEAKERS PROMISE which helps you to decide who you want to be every time you step up to speak.


After month two your heart should be firmly 'over there' with your audience. We've investigated how the audience feel about your topic. We've started to look at your RANGE and how different styles affect different audience members. And we've started to handle DIFFERENT AUDIENCE TYPES. Here are some thoughts to help you on your way.


Here’s where we turn to brilliant structure to keep our audience engaged every step of the way. We’ve investigated the Hero’s Journey and you should be starting to put together talks with power. Here are your reminders to help you on the way.


This month it’s all about giving your speaking that Fresh tingle that comes from being alive and playful. You’re learning how to be memorable and how to look for new and unusual influences that will make your speaking an engaging experience for the audience.


This month we focus on how most public speakers stress and struggle about trying to "seem confident" and "look fearless", irrespective of how they're feeling inside.

What to do if you have a Wobble

There are moments when even the sparkiest of Inspiring Speaker feels difficulties on the pathway. Whether it's finding your message, getting stuck in a rut, or having difficulties in the group, we hope these words of wisdom will help you realise you're not alone.

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