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The World-Class Speaker: The complete guide to writing and delivering a TED-style talk

We’ve coached hundreds of TED-style speakers to deliver short, shareable talks. Here’s the in-depth wisdom of how to write and deliver your own world-class talk.


  • 10 hours+ of video tuition focusing on the art & craft of speech writing;
  • A powerful structure for speech writing that can be adapted to longer or shorter talks;
  • Step-by-step exercises to guide the process of creating a world-class talk;
  • Examples and illustrations from the most popular TED talks.

Suitable for:

  • Conference speakers.
  • Teams honing their speaking skills.
  • Speakers working in partnership with a 1-2-1 Ginger coach.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Following this process participants not only learn the principles of great speech writing, but also develop a talk with the support of exercises;
  • How to have maximum impact as a speaker. Participants learn how to design a talk that best showcases their expertise.
  • How to create an audience buzz so that your talk makes waves.
  • Develop a World-Class, ‘idea worth spreading’. Brilliant TED talks start with brilliant ideas. We’ll show you how to find yours.
  • Bring your personality to your talk. A flexible method that turns out a unique and personality-filled talk each time.
  • Become a confident speaker. You’ll learn how to overcome the nerves and develop a public speaking style that suits you and wows your audience.
  • Remember your talk with no notes. 95% of TED speakers use no notes when they’re speaking. And using our simple method you can do the same.
  • Online training that actually engages; So much online training is thrown together in a dry and uninspiring way. We use visual aids, stories and practical exercises to bring the content to life.
The World-Class Speaker: The complete guide to writing and delivering a TED-style talk
  • Cost: £349 +VAT
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