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Liz Balmford

Confidence, Impact and Presence Specialist

Self-confessed firestarter, Liz Balmford helps leaders to ignite their unique spark of brilliance. She challenges and empowers clients to connect with their purpose, nurture their authentic style and courageously share their vision with the world.

Liz expertly marries creativity, playfulness, expert knowledge and a direct coaching style to develop leaders who communicate with maximum impact and presence. She’s worked with politicians, consultants, CEOs, TEDx and conference speakers, and senior leaders across industries. With an extensive career in marketing communications for global businesses, Liz is laser focused on sharp messaging and connecting company leaders with their audiences.

As well as being an experienced and certified coach with the International Coaching Federation, Liz is an Accredited, Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping) Practitioner (EFT International) and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Musical Theatre. This combination of skills means Liz is perfectly placed to support leaders to overcome performance nerves and speak with personality and authority.  

How it started: A lover of music and performance, Liz left her marketing career in her thirties to go to drama school and train as a singing and voice teacher. Preparing her students for important performances, she made a life-changing discovery. It wasn’t necessarily vocal ability that was holding people back from fulfilling their potential on stage: more often than not, it was their mindset. By coaching people on how they felt about themselves, Liz saw a transformative effect in their performance. This unlocked something in her students as well as Liz, sparking her career specialising in coaching leaders to connect vocal communication with personal and commercial impact, helping them to become consistent, confident and memorable communicators.

Superpowers: Coaching clients through a comfort-zone stretch, taking them from ‘Eek’, to ‘Yeah’! Liz develops personal brand and transforms confidence, working with those who’re just a bit freaked out at the prospect of public speaking and want to feel better about it, right through to those who’s nerves are so debilitating they previously needed medication to get through an event.

Most inspiring leader: Deborah Frances White because she’s intelligent, funny and self-deprecating. And the authentic and inspiring Mike Dooley.

Enjoys: Gin – which makes her really easy to buy for!

Let us in on a secret: Liz once played a drunk in a film. We can neither confirm nor deny whether real gin was involved.