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Luke Gregorczyk

Body Language Specialist

Luke Gregorczyk is Ginger’s body language specialist, and leads Ginger’s Body, Language and Confident Communications workshops.

Other themes he covers in his workshops include: Overcoming the need to please, Negotiation confidence through the body and From stress to calm: an embodied approach to staying centred under pressure.

He has studied in the field of semantics, psychology and mindfulness, and has a broad and in depth understanding of how your body can impact your confidence and public speaking abilities. Luke is also a certified Rolfing Structural Integration practitioner. Rolfing is a bodywork technique that is very effective in improving posture, movement and coordination, which are key components of confidence.

In his workshops, Luke teaches clients how to identify and influence the older parts of the brain that play a key role in making us feel safe under pressure. By adjusting posture, he helps public speakers and beyond to feel confident in all situations; from keynote speeches, to interviews, to sales pitches, to difficult conversations. With this training, his clients can then express themselves more fully, with authenticity and inspiration arising in their speaking.