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Sarah Featherstone

Messaging specialist

Sarah is an experienced Co-active Coach based in the US. She specializes in messaging strategy and storytelling and enjoys working with clients to help them gain clarity on what matters most to them. From there, she works with people to build the confidence and skills to share those stories – the ones they actually want to share as leaders.

A certified coach through the Co-Active Training Institute, Sarah is also a journalist, writer, photographer and marketing expert. She works with a range of clients, from first-time entrepreneurs to global non-profits.
How it started: Visiting neighbors for tea while growing up in a small town in Virginia, transfixed by the stories they’d tell from long ago. Sarah’s love of stories fuelled a career in journalism and photography, before starting her own brand messaging studio, and it’s what makes her tick as a coach – a love of connecting with people and exploring what’s most important to them.
Superpowers: Listening, deep questioning, creating space for possibility.
Most inspiring leader: Brene Brown – how she uses story + empathy to connect with and lead others.
Enjoys: Coffee with friends, impulsively buying new books, yoga, meditation and morning cycling classes. Loves reading and podcasts and all the crime docs on Netflix!
Let us in on a secret: I once spent seven days without speaking on a silent meditation retreat.