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Archana Mohan

London, GB

Director of Operations & Technology Veritas Investment Partners (UK) Ltd

“Unlocking contentfulness to amplify the power of the workplace”

Archana is the Director of Operations and Technology at Veritas Investment Partners. She is passionate about using technology to empower clients with information and data to protect & grow their wealth.  

Archana started out as a special needs coordinator in New York schools before switching to a career in investment management. While not an obvious career move, Archana has always felt a strong link between teaching and leading, with the need for meaningful collaboration and the ability to build environments which encourage trust, care and opportunities for continuous learning.  

Interested in human behaviour, Archana has observed throughout her career how contentment and mindfulness (contentfulness) can change the workplace for good. She believes that by cultivating contentfulness, we can become more focused on our purpose and improve wellbeing at work for all.  

Archana is an associate of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment and holds an MBA in finance from Yale, an MA in Education from Columbia and a BA in French Literature from Brown University. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Archana bringing family and friends together over a good meal or spending time with her husband and daughter discovering new lands.

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